Thursday, 19 September 2013

2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee Introduces an Advanced Eco-Diesel V-6

The New 2014 Grand Cherokee Introduces a Revamped GC Lineup with an Updated Oil Burner 

Luxury, Style, Fashion, and Power- the new Grand Cherokee delivers everything you want and even more than your expectation. You could say it's the king of SUVs that offers the perfect blend as the perfect city, highway, and mountain rider. The automaker has separated this new 4-wheel drive sporty from the pack with its most athletic and aggressive body styling. With the revelation of this new model, Jeep has stepped forward to a new era of 4WD.

The touch of advanced engineering and futuristic design has blessed this model with the statement both day and night. It symbolizes the day with its adaptive and blacked out bi-xenon front lamps. However, this SRT model looks like the best fit for night with its LED signature. For an improved rear visibility and more convenient operation, the automaker has introduced one-touch liftgate. It also offers a board footprint with its 20 inch 5-spoke wheelbase. You can find your individuality from its inflated color schemes having 7 distinct hues.

Jeep offers a 6.4 liter HEMI engine along with the new 2014 Grand Cherokee SRT that smartly matches with an 8-speed power transmissions system. Its engine is capable of generating 360 hp with the torque generation of 390 ft-lb. You have the option to get either automatic or steering paddle control system for manual shifting. This time, Jeep represents the new Grand Cherokee in a broad power range that can accelerate from zero to 60 miles per hour much quicker than the previous version. To get a great match with power and efficiency, the automaker has introduced a new fuel saver technology as well as eco mode. The road test report states that it can achieve the EPA rating of 5.95 Km/L on city roads and 9.35 Km/L on highways.

Its power steering system gives the feel of light during low-speed tracks and weighs up smartly at high speeds. The most appreciable thing that attracts customers most and gives the freedom to ride on rough roots is its ample ground clearance. However, it also offers highly competitive off-road tech and abundance of traction, which are really impressive features at that stage. Jeep has kept three engine choices for their Grand Cherokee fans all of them are superior in terms of performance and fuel economy.

In the real spectrum, the new 2014 Grand Cherokee SRT gets the best appreciation with its 470 hp heavy duty engine that has a well established performance track.  Jeep introduces UConnect Access system that offers most convenient connected car technology and it makes the driving easier and simpler. You can get easy access to hundreds of innovative features through its built-in 8.4 inch navigation system or through voice recognition.

To ensure maximum driving comfort and as well as flexible movement, Jeep has revised its suspension system with the Quadra-Lift air system that gives 5 selective vehicle height set ups. This option may aid you to get most suitable driving height depending on the track condition. You can find your best 2014 Grand Cherokee set up within the price range of $49000- $68000.

New 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee

2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee front view

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